The Chief of the Network:  

The chief of the Iranian Molecular Medicine Network, the highest executive position, is initially selected by the general assembly and eventually confirmed by Deputy of Research and Technology, Ministry of Health for a period of 2 years. The chief will be the head of the Strategic Council and also responsible for implementing resolutions in the General Assembly. Reelection of the chief is allowed.

Deposal of the Chief of the Network:  In case of incapability in performing duties, resignation or decease of the chief, an emergency session by having minimum two third of the permanent members will be held. However, if the secretariat of the Network does not call for an emergency session, the deputy of Research and Technology is allowed to hold a general session. 


Duties of the Chief of the Network


-     Managing and supervising the Network

-          Annual report preparation on the executive and financial operation and presenting to the Strategic Council

-          Action planning

-          Assigning the secretary and location of the secretariat

-          Making contracts on behalf of the Network with all real and legal persons within the framework of existing laws and guidelines

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